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There are waves of blue and grey flashes in this piece. It also has a subtle ‘sparkly shimmer’, when turned in certain light. It’s hard to describe it’s beauty in words! To me, it looks like hundreds of tiny brush strokes, a flurry of blue shimmer or perhaps the mane of a unicorn 😛



*Handcrafted in sterling silver

*The pendant is set on a black adjustable cotton cord to be worn at your desired length. (As long as 24″)

*If you’d like to wear it longer, please let me know.

*Included with this necklace is a bit of fun information regarding Labradorite. Learn about the history, origin, legend as well as scientific specifications and metaphysical properties.

*Labradorite is a natural stone that features an optical effect called ‘Labradorescence’.

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*Thanks for reading!!!