*Here’s something for a lover of the sea!

*I had a lot of fun making this piece. I did my best to compliment the stones and to keep the silver from taking away from the stones beauty. The flow of the striations within the stones seem to match quite well which is why I decided to pair them together. It’s a very unique pendant that will look stunning to dress up every-day attire or as a conversation piece to wear for a night out with a black dress.

*This natural blue Labradorite Necklace features a simple and beautiful twisted wire edge and 8 sizeable but subtle beads for detail. The labradorite itself is striking enough to warrant a simplistic silver mount which is why I have made it so.

*The characteristics in each labradorite stone differs from one another. Each stone tells its own story of creation by its characteristics. Amazing, am I right? This labradorite pendant displays blue, more blue, and a hint of green and gold flash.

*If you purchase this one-of-a-kind pendant, you will be the story teller of your new piece of jewellery. If it’s a gift, does it remind you of a memory you share with the person you bought it for? How special would that be? Of course, if it’s a gift for you, I’m sure it will be a constant reminder of your story, and the universe in all its beauty!

**Pendant length – 2 1/2″
**Pendant width – 1 1/2″

*The pendant hangs on a black adjustable cotton cord to be worn at your desired length. (as long as 24″) If you’d like to wear it longer, please let me know.

*It will be shipped with a pouch or box depending on the item and size. I also include a polishing cloth as silver can oxidize. This generally happens if the item is stored without being worn, so wear it as much as you can! Please, remove the item when swimming, showering or sleeping to prevent it from getting caught on flailing limbs 😛

*Each piece in this shop is crafted in solid sterling silver or gold. No plating is applied.

*Included with this necklace is a bit of fun information regarding Labradorite. Learn about the history, origin, legend as well as scientific specifications and metaphysical properties.

*Best wishes,

*Labradorite is a natural stone that features an optical effect called ‘Labradorescence’.

Read more information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labradorite

Natural Blue Labradorite Necklace in Sterling Silver, Rope Edge Blue Labradorite Pendant, Simple Blue Labradorite Pendant, One-of-a-kind